………………………….A Positive Attitude

About Me……

Hi myself Akshay …..’Akshay’ means to dedicate, give in, or devote something to someone out of respect with complete faith. People devote flowers to God, services to poor, and some even devote their complete lives to a cause or belief…nd really i am one of them who can do anything for anybody…

Also want 2 tell u about my self that i m very shy,sly,simple,sober,nd funny 2……

I m not selfish,i am a person who alwayz thinks 4 other happiness first nd alwayz ready 2 help others any time…also not suffering from desease like ego or jeleous..I dislike people cheating me or even forcing me.

According2 me life is the most wonderful nd precious gift which is given by god 2 us…so enjoy it with full zeal nd make it large by spreading happiness all around…life is short & one should enjoy every moment of it…

I m very decent type banda who have blog on wordpress just 2 b in touch of my older frndz nd 2 make new nd true frndz….i m here not 4 time passing, dont want to time pass with anyone and also don’t want myself as anyone timepass…i like 2 plays pranks with my friends…this is like my hobby…but 4 sometime not lawayz.

I m also a very immotional type person….
mein bohot jaldi kisi seh bhi immotionly touch ho jaata hu…nd may be its my biggest weakness…

My frndz are like my family members…i luv all of them so so much…Here i found very gud friendz  nd laso never forget them at all…itz is not that my others friendz are not gud but with rest of my frndz never talked so much as much with them…….i hope they will also never forget me ……….i luv just collecting pics of my favroites…bas yehi hai MERI KAHANI



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